ABOUT Bridge Enterprises

Bridge Enterprises was established in 1987 in New York City, catering to businesses who specialize in multi-language clientele. Fluent in Spanish, German, Chinese and Korean, Ted Han (a Retired Navy Officer) is the owner / operator of Bridge Enterprises. He has also worked as an interpreter for the Education Department of New York City.

Bridge Enterprises was certified in September, 2008, as a MBE (Minority Business Enterprise #51146-92008) by the New York City Government. Bridge Enterprises is located in the middle of multi-cultural center of New York City, with influences coming from the Italian, Greek, Chinese and Korean communities. Ted Han was featured as the Cover Story of the Bayside Times newspaper, dated June 27, 2002 - the largest area newspaper. The title of the article was "Bayside Korean Man shows Enthusiasm for World Cup".

Bridge Enterprises offers Bus Shelter Advertising within the New York City area.

You can read Ted Han's columns, called Teddy's New York News, in the Overseas Correspondent Reports http://monthly.chosun.com, the most influential magazine in Korea.

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